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Are you getting married soon? And do you want to start the day fully relaxed?

Then the girls of Tilou Hair Boutique offer a special wedding package for you. This includes a test hairstyle and the hairstyle for the wedding day itself. You can also combine this treatment with Wedding-Make-Up. On the test day you are expected at the salon located at Aalsterweg number 8 in Eindhoven. You can easily park in front of the entrance but you can also reach it very easily via bicycle or by public transport. You will be entered with a nice cappuccino or a cup of tea. During this drink, your wishes are discussed with one of the girls of Tilou Hair Boutique and they give advice where necessary. We look at clothing, style, personal preference and discuss with you what suits your personality best. Your hair will be washed nicely, blown into shape, and we create a hairstyle based on your wishes and our advice. When your hairstyle is discussed, the appointment for the wedding day will be made, you can possibly in consultation choose that one of the girls of Tilou Hair Boutique comes to the location for your wedding hairstyle. If so, please be ready with washed hair, unless otherwise advice during the test hairstyle.