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The moment you enter Tilou Hair Boutique located in Eindhoven, you will be warmly welcomed by Mylou, Fleur or Patty.

When you visit for the first time, we will introduce ourselves nicely. Before we begin, we will first sit down together to discuss what your wishes are for your new hairstyle.

There are a lot of different women’s hairstyles so we can go in many different ways, for every hair type and personal style! For example, you can have your hair cut in a bobline, but nowadays for this, there are also many different looks. For example a classic bobline but also a messy bobline with many layers and texture, a long bob which is also called a lob and many other styles.

There are also many different options for long hair. For example, long hair with long layers, but you could also choose to have some shorter layers cut to create a messy look. With short hair there are also so many nice hairstyles to make, a pixie haircut, for the cool ladies among us, but short hair can also be super elegant! We have not even talked about the lock or pony! A straight pony, different layers at the front, the ‘curtain pony’ that you can wear more obliquely, but also a straight pony with a lot of texture and of course not to forget, the angled pony. Nowadays there is really so much possible and we really like it to advice you about the different styles and which fits you best! So, if you are unsure about anything, we are happy to give you honest and appropriate advice! When we have decided together which hairstyle it will be, we will wash your hair and let you relax!

You can also upgrade your wash treatment; would you like a long wash massage and/or a mask suited for your hair type? Let us know and we will book some extra time for your well-deserved enjoy moment!

After this relax moment you can take place in the seat and you will relax with a delicious cappuccino, a glass of wine, or another drink while we cut and style your hair how we discussed. We hear this sentence a lot; ‘My hair is always in the right fit when I leave the hairdresser but after that I don’t model it very well’. Because of this we will give you tips and advice about the products we use and how you can use them to model you hair yourself at home. This way, you will have the feeling that you have been to the hairdresser every day!

Our salon at the Aalsterweg number 8 in Eindhoven is super easy to reach with car, bike and also with public transport. There are parking spaces in front of the door.